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The Fatal Collision of Saab 9-3 and Scania truck in Poland

Saab after incident

Speed, youth and inexperience have led to a fatal incident in Poland today involving a passenger Saab 9-3 and a Scania tow truck. he tragedy took place today in New Zadybie. Shortly after 12 o’clock, Saab collided with a truck driving in the opposite direction.

As the eyewitnesses say, there were four young people in Saab, all at just 18 years old. In one sharp curve, due to speeding, the Saab driver lost control of the vehicle, then car rolled into the opposite lane of the road and collided with the Scania truck. The impact force was so great that both vehicles fell off the road.

However, despite such a terrible collision, The driver of the vehicle and the second passenger who was sitting in the front seat suffered minor injuries. the passengers sitting in the back seats went much worse, so it is assumed that they did not use seat belts (!). Despite the long resuscitation, the young man could not be saved. Also, the condition of an 18-year-old girl which was also in the back seat is critical.

People traveling by Saab were trapped in a car wreck to evacuate them, firefighters had to use specialized technical rescue tools. Policemen work on site to determine the specific circumstances of the accident. The actions are supervised by the prosecutor. The road is completely blocked.

Lower the speed, adjust the speed to the conditions of the road, let all occupants of the vehicle always use seat belts


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