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The Famous Saab 96SS (Evo2) Has Been Reborn!

Saab 96 SS Evo2

For a long, long time we have not heard any news from Neo Brothers Ltd. There were no Saab projects from this company which is known for specializing in Saab vehicle service. Some three years ago, the last news was that they made a Classic-Modern hybrid, and then nothing, until three days ago when they announced a refresh of the old 96 SS project.

The Saab 96 SS

Does this car look familiar to anyone…? The 96 SS is no longer yellow (something like Monte Carlo yellow), it is now gray and even more aggressive. This car was built in house by the Neo Bros team and many of their customers who followed the build process will appreciate the number of hours and level of work that went into creating such a machine!

Saab 96SS Evo2

The car was officially unveiled in Trollhattan by none other than Erik Carlsson ‘Mr Saab’ himself and was displayed in the Saab museum for a period of time. As the designers from Neo Bros themselves can boast, their 96SS project has become a star of the Internet, shown at numerous car (Saab & Non-Saab) events and exhibitions, published in numerous car magazines and even goes on the racetracks to show what it can do.

Brand Identification

At first, their goal was to create something really special to celebrate the Saab brand. Many Saab fans and admirers of the brand will surely agree with this, and that is that the Neo Bros team managed to achieve the goal. Also, as they state, when the project was being worked on, they never intended to sell the car, but back in July 2019, Stjarnagloss – a company specialized in car detailing and cleaning chemicals, approached them and they made an offer that they could not refuse.


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Saab 96 Evo2 SS

Representatives of the Stjarnagloss brand came to the Neo Bros team, took a good look at the car and fell in love with it. They believed the 96SS would be a great marketing tool and would connect perfectly with their Scandinavian car brand inspiration. Just 2 years later that same Saab 96SS was reborn, in a new guise.

The famous retro-car has been renamed the ‘Saab 96 Evo2 SS’ and is now a completely legal “monster” that rides on air suspension and even on public roads. It’s probably the coolest old Saab out there!

Amazing rear end of the car - Saab 96SS Evolution 2
Amazing rear end of the car – Saab 96SS Evolution 2


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