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The Famous Saab 900 Turbo SPG is now on Sale!

Saab 900 SPG for SaleSaab 900 SPG for Sale

Yes that is The SAAB that was featured on Tuned by Drive TV and was published in many popular car enthusiasts blogs, of course also on Saabplanet.

You are looking at the “THE” most popular “SAAB” on the world wide web for the past few years. Just type “SAAB” in Google or youTube and see the first video result that comes up. With that popularity you will definitely need to get used to some car enthusiasts attention whenever you show at a car event, and a whole lot of thumps up that you will get on the road.

Proudly Owned, Loved and Driven since March 1998 by Khaled Mounir. Seems like he has been trying to sell it for years, but this special car for special people.

Saab 900 SPG
Saab 900 SPG

Many of you in the US and all over the world may know this SAAB in person from the countless car rallies and events it has been on, or from the internet. For the 20 years Khaled have owned this car and driven it people always asked him if he would ever sell it and his answer in many different forms was ” always , No, Nope, Never, and sometimes he said for the right price anything is possible. Now is the right time, and this satisfaction has its price – $ 25,000


This car is ridiculously fast and as Matt pointed out in his review as long as you stayed near redline on shifting you didn’t have to worry about turbo lag.  On the dyno the car has been consistently making 255 Wheel HP and 300 wheel FT/LB torque reliably for the past 10 + years . That translates into 320 HP/ 375 Torque at the engine crank.

So he’s putting it out there for those who love this one of a kind incredible machine and would be interested in giving it the next home it truly deserve.