SAAB Safety

The driver survived after the Saab 9-3 rolled over several times

saab wreck

The terrible traffic accident happened yesterday on a local road in Poland. At a high speed of about 120 kilometers per hour, the driver lost control of the vehicle Saab 9-3 SS.

Due to the unadjusted speed and slipperyness of the road, the car flew off the road, overturning it several times and hitting trees. Luckily by the driver, the cabin remained almost untouched, also Saab driver did not have any serious injuries! Just the scratch on the elbow!

scratch elbow after Saab accident

After accident, Saab driver admitted his own responsibility for it, and of course he said he would get a new Saab car again.

The wreck looks scary, therefore – Obey the speed limits, Always wear your seat belt, Don’t drive like you own the road, If you’re in the country, watch out for deer and other animals, Double or triple the space you normally leave between you and the next car in wet whether, Don’t use cruise control in wet or slippery conditions…

Saab 9-3 ss