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The Classic Cars Trip – “Into the Wild”

KLASYKOWISKO is a place for lovers of historic and oldtimer cars. You will find here very subjective tests of classics, reports from rallies and oldtimer rallies, descriptions of interesting exhibitions and vintage vehicle fairs.

This club brings together owners and admirers of classic cars from Poland and the surrounding countries. Interestingly, you do not even have to own a classic car, just contact the members of this club and they will be kind enough to rent you an oldtimer car so you can enjoy your trip.

If you just like them, don’t like crowded places, traffic jams and overcrowded restaurants, they offer you a trip in an off peak season to the places where you can rest from the hustle and bustle. They invite everyone interested to take part in the classic cars trip – “Into the Wild” – through the winding and narrow roads of the Bieszczady Mountains. Chamber meeting, only 5 oldtimers, no hastiness, careless atmosfere, surrounded by Wild nature – Travel planned for From 17 April (friday) to 19 April (sunday). And on the occasion of this event, the organizers also created a convenient promotional short film where you can see the beautiful Saab 96 Sport, which is also part of the old-fashioned collection that you can rent:

Now, the only problem that may (or certainly) delay this trip is the current world crisis caused by the CORONA COVID-19 virus. Therefore, if you are planning a trip like this, check through their website for any changes to the announced schedule. At least for now, their official website has no information about schedule changes. Who may be interested? Everyone who is into driving classics cars and have one made before 1989. Even though you don’t have your own oldtimer, they can borrow you one from theri classic cars collection.

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