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The car wrapped around a tree due to the force of the impact

Saab wrapped around tree

An irresponsible young man who drove a Saab 9-5 station wagon twenty days ago under the influence of alcohol is more lucky than smart. A disturbing but at the same time instructive story comes to us from Sweden.

Namely, on June 24, a traffic accident occurred on the local road in Skateholm outside Trelleborg, in which a young man was injured. It is extremely fortunate that, according to the first information, there were no fatal injuries, although the Saab car was destroyed beyond recognition.

A young man drove off the road and got stuck a meter up in a tree where he was pinned. Due to the great force of the impact, his Saab simply wrapped around the tree. In one of the curves, the driver entered the curve too fast and due to the slippery road, he ran off the road at high speed, and hit a tree with the passenger’s side. The car is hanging a meter high, it has crashed into a tree like a wedge.

Fortunately, no one was in the passenger seat, and the driver suffered serious injuries, but at least he survived. He is suspected of drunk driving. He was awake and talking when an ambulance took him to hospital. On this occasion, an investigation was opened to determine what exactly happened.

This is a warning to all drivers, especially young drivers, to be responsible both to themselves and to others, and not to consume alcohol and opiates if they drive motor vehicles in public traffic.

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