Saab History

The book about Saab’s car pioneer: Gunnar Ljungström

Saab’s former Technical Director Gunnar Larsson was hired by Gunnar Ljungström in the 60’s and then worked as a mentor for him.

Gunnar Larsson and his co-author Gunnar Johansson, in new book “SAAB, WE did it! Gunnar Ljungström and his Pioneers” give you a unique insight into Ljungström’s thinking and philosophy, which in the end became Saab 92-96 and Saab 99.

The book contains a lot of ”new” old material that has never been published before, like aerodynamic tests on the Ursaab at the Royal Technical Institiute in Stockholm, his pioneer colleagues at Saab and much more. A must for the Saab conniseur! 188 pages and  English edition only. Cars with unique development potential for their time.

Saab’s history is usually described on the basis of car models and a few strong, almost sanctified individuals. Gunnar Ljungström is one of them – The engineer who was given the task of creating a car company from an airline.

After the aviation contributions, post war, Gunnar Ljungström was designated head of Saab Automobile’s development team of the company’s first automobiles from the 1940s on, with technology based on their aerodynamics design. He would proceed from the release of the Ursaab in 1949 until the 1966 Saab 99, presented for the public in 1967, a couple of years prior to his retirement.

Gunnar Larsson (project manager for Saab 9000) worked for a period under Gunnar Ljungström and together with former colleague Gunnar Johansson he portrays not only Ljungström, but the entire team that came to create the first cars – and the successors. Saab is a company that has grown its faithful servants.

This interesting book about the history of Saab cars, and the car industry in general, can be purchased through the Saab Museum Web Store at a price of 345 kroner. The book gives you more – as well as a larger and deeper picture of contexts and colleagues. Partly a new insight is given into the exciting pioneer years, with equal focus on other key individuals. Ljungström was keen to highlight his team, his own words also form the book’s title in English – WE did it!

Thanks for that, Gunnar, Gunnar and Gunnar.