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The 2015 SAAB Owners Convention [video]

SOC 2015SOC 2015

SCNA (Saab Club of North America)  every year traditionally held the largest gathering of Saab fans in North America. This year’s SAAB Owners Convention, held at the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort in Lexington, Kentucky. In attempt to most effectively cover all geographic bases, the SAAB Club of North America moves the show to a different city every year.  Last year, we were reporting from Bend, Oregon, and the year before that the convention was held outside of Albany, NY.  This is to make sure all SAAB owners get a convention from time to time.

Saab 900 at SOC 2015

Regardless, a large amount of SAABs still managed to make it, with license plates indicating road trips from as far as Texas and Wisconsin.  The largest showing was in the Classic 900 category, with a fair amount of newer generation SAABs as well.

This year, the gathering was also attended Eeuroparts team that made a very interesting video:

Also, Read the details in their report and look at their gallery from this meeting.

The 2015 SAAB Owners Convention in Lexington, KY

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