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THAT’s what makes a SAAB a SAAB

This Dutch 2007 advertising campaign explained what it was that made a SAAB a SAAB.

SAAB truly is a unique car brand. SAABs are different. This Dutch campaign explains SAAB’s unique qualities: “SAABs are built to endure Swedish weather and road conditions. THAT’s what makes a SAAB a SAAB.


SAAB commuters every day endure road and weather conditions in which other car makers only test theirs.


Although the creative team was commissioned to just do a Saab photo shoot, they also shot the little web video above, with a Handycam. ‘Saab builds cars where others only test theirs. That’s what makes a SAAB a SAAB,’ it says.



The ad above is about the Swedish weather. Tons of snow one moment drop from the sky while the next moment the sun shines again. That’s why SAAB built cabriolets that will keep you really comfortable during the harsh winters and help you optimally enjoy the short but excellent Swedish summers too.


Crash tests walk around freely in Sweden, so car/moose crashes are not uncommon. That’s why SAAB built cars that help survive SAAB owners such an encounter.


The danger of being crushed in between a couple of heavy-duty wood log trucks is actually a reality in Sweden Good to know that SAABs all have turbo, to help you escape a situation like that swiftly.


A SAAB’s rear wheels also steer the car into the many curves of the Swedish roads.

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  • Ikke miss mye SAAB 93TDi 2007 som mutch. I survived av crash with a moose. Now im sving all possible money i can to buy me a new black one

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