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Saab turbo boat

Saab Turbo boat

You might remember Saab boat with two Saab turbo engine. Its basis is known Vator NV11 boat 22 feet long. (Vator Oy, a legendary finnish boat manufacturer founded 1938.
After Vator sold it’s boat manufacturing business to Flipper in 1986, Vator focused primarily on importing Mercury/Mercruiser products.)

Its factory engine a few years ago has been replaced with two Saab turbo engine B234Engines have closed cooling system which uses Mercruiser heat exchangers from 454 Big Block to remove the heat from coolant. Engine oils are cooled down with separate smaller heat exchangers. Also Intercoolers are cooled with water.

This year Turbos are now upgraded to TD04-15T´s and they are starting with approx 450hp with base-software. And that’s not all, They have added Bigger propellers and another of those is now running counter-clockwise. See results of first tests recorded a few days ago:

This was a few years ago:

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