Tesla cars in the ex-Saab factory?

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Are we going to see Tesla in the ex-Saab factory?

If Elon Musk gives green light to this project can Tesla build cars and batteries in Trollhättan.  Tesla’s current factory was once used by NUMMI — a joint venture by Toyota and General Motors — to make cars in Fremont. And, a after years of extensive upgrades, it is now one of the most automated and efficient production facilities in the world. Late last year it was announced that the company Tesla will seek sites for European factory.

The Swedish automotive industry is an essential part of Sweden’s economy. It generates half a million jobs of which about 136,400 are employed directly. Ex-Saab factory is now owned by NEVS, and since this company has excess capacity NEVS has recently offered its services to other companies. Because of all of the above,  local group of stakeholders is working to attract Tesla to Trollhattenreports local radio P4 Vast.

NEVS research and test facilities
NEVS research and test facilities

According to this media, this insterest group includes Business Sweden and automotive supplier FKGFredrik Sidahl, CEO of FKG, confirms that the group has been in contact with Tesla. In addition to the sheer scale of manufacturing space that’s available, it should also be remembered that there is very likely a substantial workforce in the area that already has experience building cars. Another potential plus is that there’s an international railway hub not that far away (in Gothenburg).

If Tesla start building cars in Sweden that could provide hundreds of new jobs and also be good for the entire Swedish vehicle industry. The goal of the whole project is to bring Tesla to manufacture cars in Trollhatten. Two sources told the P4 West that the car factory in Trollhattan, Nevs, would have enough room to build Tesla’s cars too. FKG’s CEO Fredrik Sidahl says  that he believes that there are good opportunities to get Tesla to Sweden.

Nevs did not comment on this news, but the press officer Ulrika Hultgren wrote in an email to P4 West that Nevs aims to make cars for other companies…


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