Take the Car to NEVS for Vaccination

NEVS for vaccinationPhoto (from left to right): Tomas Everitt, Head of Primapraktiken Health Center, Sara Krokstrand, nurse at Primapraktiken, Göran Högberg, Facility Manager at NEVS and Amira Donlagic, Head of Källtorps Helth Center.

As many who follow the events around Saab-NEVS know – there is still no car production in Trollhattan, and the entire former development center of the unsuccessful Saab Automobiles is working on the development and testing of new electric vehicles for NEVS. However, from time to time we hear some news from Trollhattan, and today’s news is that the company NEVS is actively involved in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, at the local level. The capacities of the large factory will be used in the vaccination of Swedish citizens.

Drive-through Vaccination for Covid-19 at NEVS this Spring

NEVS will lend out one its manufacturing facilities in Trollhättan for Covid-19 drive-through vaccination this spring. Most of the city’s health centers will offer their patients to take the car to NEVS for vaccination.

For us it felt natural to say yes when we were asked to help out by lending out one of our facilities for Covid-19 vaccination. We are in an extreme situation with the pandemic and it is our duty to contribute,” says Stefan Tilk, CEO of NEVS.

The NEVS facility will primarily be used for the vaccination phase 4, but if more vaccine doses will arrive, it can also be used for phase 2-3.


“20 cars are allowed to be in the facility at once so if there are 2 people in each car we could vaccinate 144 people an hour. We believe this will be a very good service for the residents in Trollhättan,” says Tomas Everitt, Head of Primapraktiken Heath Center in Trollhättan.

The health centers in Trollhättan that will offer drive-though vaccination at NEVS are:
• Primapraktiken Innovatum
• Källstorps Vårdcentral
• Maria Albert’s Health Center
• Medpro Stavre Vårdcentral
• Sylte Vårdcentral
• Lextorps Vårdcentral


  • How about stopping fooling around and getting those cars manufactured for us true SAAB lovers?

    I’m amazed by the fact so many companies have invested in NEVS and still no sign/schedule of manufactured SAAB-like electric cars 🙄

  • Wise WORDS…….i want Saabs to live for very long time…i have a 2011 9-3 TTiD with every bit on it.
    Could the NEVS makers help the all Saabs to live long live..PLEASE?

  • Perhaps the testing could include retro-fit of a few 9-3s with engine issues to see if this could be a market for NEVS Nextgen electric drive train.

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