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Vintage Saabs
SAAB Clubs

Endless Mountains Vintage Saab Jamboree

Endless Mountains Vintage Saab Jamboree in Clifford Township, Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization that promotes the vintage Saab community and its hobbies. This is a car show and swap meet, complete with vintage SAAB Tech Sessions and Seminars. 3rd Annual Endless...


Beautiful Retro Saab 93 GT Poster

One user of ETSI is selling a very interesting a vintage advertising poster for the 'Giant's Despair' Road Race. The Giant's Despair hill climb event was started in the 1950's and was described at the time as "the most severe...

My Saab

Saab Classics in Poland

Investing in vintage, classic or collectible vehicles is not for everyone. It is not enough to have only money, It also requires extensive knowledge of automotive history, market knowledge and trends, and the overriding factor that will ensure the success...

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