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Saab 99 EMS
Classifieds’ Saab Of The Day

Perfect Saab 99 EMS “RALLY”

This 1978  Saab 99L converted to 99 EMS that’s said to be “without defects” despite having racked up 53k miles (actually, KM-counter has stopped so correct mileage is uncertain) over the past 39 years or so. Condition does look to...

Saab 99 Limo
Classifieds’ Saab Of The Day

Unique Saab 99 Limousine up for Sale

The Classic Saab 99 is one of Saab’s most iconic cars and one that appreciated in value as it went up in age. Willem Bierema from the Netherlands, one of the two enthusiasts behind the project Saab 99 Limo, contacted us with interesting news...

Saab 9-3 DeLorean
SAAB Funny

Weird Saab 9-3 “DeLorean” for Sale

If you regularly follow this blog, then you probably remember another DeLorean - Saab 9000 Delorean :) DeLorean replica has many around the world, its cult status its brand gave the film franchise "Back to the Future". Now we have a new DeLorean...

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