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Saab Meetup in Sweden
SAAB Clubs

Saab Meetup in Jönköping – June 2016

Thanks to a big Saab fan and enthusiast Jonathan Jogenfors (founder of Youtube channel Trionic Seven) we have the opportunity to see what it was at yesterday's mini-rally of Saab owners in Jönköping, Sweden. An awesome car meet in Jönköping, Sweden with a variety of modern...

Trionic Seven Saab Meetup
SAAB Clubs

Saab meetup in Linköping

This is footage from weekly Saab meetup in Linköpin 15th of July 2015, Sweden. Saab Enthusiasts had a special guest this week in the Saab 96 two-stroke engine and got the chance to rev the engine and listen to that wonderful exhaust note....

Saab Wis
DIY - Saab Knowledge Base

User’s guide for the Saab WIS

This video is Jonathan Jogenfors (editor of Trionic Seven - The YouTube channel for Saab enthusiasts) user's guide for the Saab WIS (Workshop Information System) and EPC (electronic parts catalog) software packages. WIS and EPC contain tons of information for doing DIY...