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Saab 900 GTR race car
SAAB Motorsport

Saab 900GTR (600hp) Racer at Gatebil 2019

The Norwegian concept 'Gatebil' is a great mix of cars, drifting, track racing, aftertrack events and music festival, with maximum entertainment for most of the day. Annually, Gatebil hosts 5 festivals starting on the Vålerbanen in Norway in late May...

SAAB Motorsport

Timeattack: Saab 9-3 ss Nordic Motorsport

Yesterday on the racetrack Kinnekulle Ring held the final series race in Timeattack competition. Among hundreds of participants in Pro Class race was Rolf Uhr with his incredibly fast Saab 9-3 ss (+500hp). His time was 1:00.581, and the average speed was 123,128 km/h (76.5 mph). See...