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Electric car developer Nevs, based in Saab's old factory in Trollhättan, is giving notice to 320 of its 340 employees.

NEVS Will Now Go Under “Hibernation Mode”!

NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) is a Swedish electric car company that acquired the assets of bankrupt automaker Saab in 2012. The company has been struggling financially for some time and has now announced that it will halt all activities...

Nina Selander,-New CEO at NEVS

NEVS Appoints Nina Selander as New CEO

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), a global electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, recently appointed a new CEO, Nina Selander. Selander's appointment comes after the departure of former CEO Stefan Tilk, who was reportedly fired by the board of directors, As the...

NEVS for vaccination

Take the Car to NEVS for Vaccination

As many who follow the events around Saab-NEVS know - there is still no car production in Trollhattan, and the entire former development center of the unsuccessful Saab Automobiles is working on the development and testing of new electric vehicles...


NEVS Mobility Ecosystem – think beyond vehicles

Car industry has been seen as the major cause of the pollution for decades. Must we compromise the convenience of personal transport to pursue sustainability? Is electric propulsion the only solution to reduce emission? What if one day our car...


The new owner of NEVS invests 2 billion dollars

Electric car manufacturer NEVS is now building a third car factory in China and is now also starting the serial production of the company's first electric car based on Saab 9-3 platform. The new Chinese main owner, Evergrande, will initially...


NEVS acquires British automotive technology company Protean Electric

NEVS/Evergrande acquires British automotive technology company Protean Electric to speed roll-out of innovative propulsion technologies for next- generation electric and autonomous vehicles. Founded in 1963, privately held Protean Electric has 100 employees today and a long past in the development...

Autonomous Vehicles

NEVS and Phantom Auto collaborating on autonomous vehicles

NEVS, a leading Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer, takes another step towards autonomous drive, by using Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety technology to ensure safe deployment of electric autonomous vehicles. NEVS (formerly Saab Automobile) and Phantom Auto, the leading provider of teleoperation...

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