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Saab STCS 2015 Meeting
SAAB Clubs

Cruising Meeting of “Saab Turbo Club of Sweden”

In early July the "Saab Turbo Club of Sweden" held in Skaraborg Summer Saab Cruising Meeting. The event gathered a lot of Swedish Saab fans, and plenty of beautiful Saab cars. This Cruising was classic - cars drive slowly, bumper-to-bumper, through small towns, What you can see...

STCS Saab track Day Knutstorp 2015

STCS Ring Knutstorp 2015

During Sunday the 12th of April, the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden organized a trackday at Knutstorp Ring, in Sweden for the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden members (381 registered attendees). Saab Turbo Club of Sweden met for their annual car meet...