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the off-road SAAB
Saab History

Evolution of Saab 96 and Sports Prestige

As an inconspicuous car with an aerodynamic body, the Saab 96 was initially not associated with sports, but it later achieved great sporting success. In Sweden and other European countries, the Saab 96 V4 was a regular family car and...

SAAB Clubs

Saab Meeting in Bavarian Forest

After the great success of the Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest in October 2012, Matthias Ketterl organized the 2. Saab Meeting 2013 (Saab-Treffen im Bayerischen Wald ), and it will happen next year again. About 150 Saab enthusiasts in...

SAAB Motorsport

SAAB 96 Rally and Racing Films

The Saab 96 was driven most famously by Erik Carlsson, in many international rallies. His most famous successes were first in the 1960, 1961 and 1962 RAC Rallies and first in the 1962 and 1963 Monte Carlo Rallies. It was...