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Sango PONS cars by NEVS in Trollhattan

Study Visit to NEVS Cars in Trollhättan

In the last couple of years, there has been almost no news from the company NEVS, which was originally supposed to design and produce electric Saab cars, i.e. NEVS electric cars based on part of the Saab technology and know-how...

NEVS Sango vehicle with Oxbotica system

NEVS Sango Vehicles With the Oxbotica Driver

For a long time, there was no news from the company NEVS, there was not even a post on their accounts on social networks. Last year for NEVS was marked by the sale of assets and previous acquisitions such as...

What-If? project // SAAB X_Ray Vision
SAAB Concepts

SAAB X_Ray Vision Concept by Anders Warming

Here is another of the interesting Saab concept created by designers around the world and on the legacy of the great Saab brand. This is another vision of the possible future of Saab that has not happened, and at least...