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Cutting the Saab car was one of the most difficult tasks for the rescue team
SAAB Safety

Swedish Steel in Practice

What's so special about Swedish steel? And Saab's cars are synonymous with what we popularly call "Swedish steel" to many around the world. A large part of its reputation in the field of car safety in traffic, in addition to...

Saab 9-5ng
SAAB Safety

The Strength of the Saab

At the end of June, Macedonia was hit by a great hurricane. A freakishly violent rainstorm that Macedonia’s top weather ravaged Skopje and in various places  in macedonia, collapsing streets, inundating vehicles and drowning trapped motorists and homeowners, most of...

Saab 9000

Some Guy Roll A Saab 9000 Just For Fun?!

Some Guy Roll A Saab 9000 Just For Fun or to test safety cage of 9000. Just to test how safe is an old Saab? This is an idea (?!) that is dumb and unwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hUvrGz3z0A...