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Championing Chaos: Driver's Triumph in 'UK's Filthiest Car' Contest with Snacks and Tools Sprawled Across Seats
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UK’s Filthiest Car Title Awarded to a Saab Owner Who Defies Stereotypes

Meet Lindy Winship, the proud owner of the UK's filthiest car. With discarded snacks and tools adorning every seat, Lindy's Saab Estate has earned the nickname "the graveyard." Despite its chaotic state, Lindy couldn't be happier about winning this unusual award. Discover the fascinating tale behind Lindy's cluttered triumph and the challenges of maintaining a car that has become a mobile storage space. From lost tools to hidden treasures, Lindy's car is a testament to the unexpected variations in car ownership. Explore the hazards of driving in an excessively messy vehicle and the importance of maintaining a clean and safe driving environment. Lindy's victory challenges the stereotype of meticulous Saab owners and reminds us that even the most unexpected outliers can emerge within any automotive community.

Saab 9-3 Sportcombi
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Saab 9-3 SportCombi Award No. 1

At that time new Saab 9-3 was eventually launched in July 2002 for the 2003 model year. The convertible version of the second-generation 9-3 began with the MY04, and SportCombi with MY05 - known as the SportWagon, SportCombi or Sport-Hatch...