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Saab 9-3x after a traffic incident, the front end suffered major damage
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Saab 9-3x In A Real Life Pole Impact Test

Unfortunately, another Saab 9-3X Sportcombi was disabled for traffic, but it did its job - Saab saved lives again, this time in Brunswick, Main (USA). According to local police, the incident occurred on May 7 in the morning on the local...

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Seatbelts save lives

It is a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt in the front and back of a vehicle. But there are exceptions aren’t there? Crews from Cheddar and Wells (UK) along with an Ops Assurance Officer attended a very serious road...

Drunk driver in Saab
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Saab saved the life of a drunk driver in Poland

Recently in Poland Totally Drunk Saab Driver Hit A Tree, and Luckily for him, the driver was in Saab. The incident occurred near the Polish city of Lublin. The exact circumstances of the incident are being investigated, but the most likely reason is...

Saab saved drivers life
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A drunk driver saved by Saab

Some people have more luck than sense... The only safe blood alcohol level for driving is 0.00%.  Even one drink can impair your driving. But the Polish Saab driver not drink just one drink, he drank a lot more. His  Blood Alcohol...

Saab 9-3 wreck
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Saab Saved Crazed Driver

This crazed driver had incredible luck, his luck was that he was sitting in the Saab 9-3... A man (Saab 9-3 driver) was taken to the Baker County (Oregon, USA) jail Wednesday for allegedly leading Oregon State Police troopers on a...

Crashed Saab 9-3
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Again Saab protects a life

Very tragic, but again Saab protects a life. Saab has saved the lives of occupants in Saab, but unfortunately not in the other car. Police have named the 49-year-old man who was killed in a crash in Omagh, Co Tyrone (Town...

Saab accident in Russia
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Unusual Saab accident in Russia

Almost everyone in Russia has a dash-mounted video camera in their car. Because of this, YouTube is flooded with dash cam videos from Russia. So yesterday recorded this accident on highway somewhere in Russia,  in which participated a Saab. Namely, Saab...