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Saab Electric Van
Saab Technology

Electric Saab Van “Model T3” from 1974

The future of the Saab, now Nevs, lies in electric cars. Electric vehicles are not new for Saab (we assume that many have not heard of Saab Van). There was a 1974 Saab Sonett III converted into an electric car...

Saab Quantum V
SAAB Tuning

The SAAB Quantum V

Walter Kern's first Quantum, named the Quantum I/II, was built in 1959. Walter Kern was working at IBM at the time and used his spare time and computer resources to engineer a chassis. Walter Kern was a nuclear physicist trained at...


1964 SAAB Quantum IV

Five distinct versions of Saab-based Quantum vehicles were built. With chassis designed by IBM engineer Walter Kern, each version used water-cooled two-stroke Saab engines. The first three versions were two-seat sports cars; the fourth, a single-seat, open-wheeled race car, sold...