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96&95-Posten, the new Special Edition of 9-Posten with articles only about Saab 95&96 (M60-M80), is soon available in the GSV.no webshop.
SAAB Clubs

Norwegian Old Saab Club Activities

Saabklubben Gammalsaabens Venner (GSV), or or translated from Norwegian, "the Club of Friends of Old Saab Cars", was founded in 1977, the focus was only on two-strokes, at that time. Gradually, the focus was expanded to all Saab cars, ie...

Tord and his Saab 96: The V-4 "ern from Ford that the SaabB 96 is equipped with runs smoothly and flawlessly after the owner changed the ignition system on the car.
My Saab

Tord Inge’s old Saab 96

As soon as you get a driver's license, the hunt for a car is usually underway. Few end up with a first-time car that the Tord Inge Hval acquired. Not all 19-year-olds have such a first-time car, but young Norwegian...

Oddmund Bartender in front of the Saab car showroom in Norway
Saab History

Norwegian Mr. SAAB

Hans Erik Lund does not think the Saab interest in Nordfjord would have been the same without Oddmund Barmen - popularly called "Mr. SAAB". All Saab enthusiasts know Erik Carlsson (nicknamed "Carlsson på taket" as well as Mr. Saab), but...

Big Unsecured load in Saab Convertible
SAAB Funny

Saab Convertible in episode “Unsecured Load”

This photo was taken last Sunday afternoon on the streets of Trondheim in Norway. In this "traffic episode" demonstrates the practicality of Saab Convertible :) Saab 9-3 Convertible is located in the left lane, which could mean that the driver drives at a...

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