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The Saab 99 Combi Coupe was a product of Saab's continuous quest for innovation.

Saab 99: A Nordic Legend that Defied the Odds in Norway

the history and features of the Saab 99 Combi Coupe, a pioneer in automotive versatility and Scandinavian innovation. Discover how this groundbreaking model seamlessly blended practicality with distinctive design elements, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of automobiles.

Åse Kleveland Celebrates 50 Years with Her Saab Sonett

Saab Sonett – A Timeless Automotive Phenomenon

Explore Åse Kleveland's enduring love story with her Saab Sonett as she celebrates 50 years of an extraordinary bond with this iconic car. Discover the fascinating journey of this Norwegian legend and her beloved automobile.

Saab's Popularity Soars: Meet Jean Pierre Rolly and Gina Van De Voorde, the Belgian Couple Turning Saab's Bankruptcy into a Thriving Business in Norway
Saabs from around the World

Unearthing Hidden Gems: Discover the Belgian Couple Transforming Saab Cars into Gold

Discover the hidden treasure within an abandoned farm filled with vintage car wrecks. For Jean Pierre Rolly and Gina Van De Voorde, this collection of old Saab cars is their ticket to success. Learn how they turned their passion into a thriving business, selling original Saab parts and reviving the legacy of these iconic vehicles. Explore their unique journey and the growing popularity of Saab cars even after the company's bankruptcy. Enter the world of Saab Corner and witness the allure of a farm transformed into a treasure trove for car enthusiasts.

Ola Isungset (100) with his Saab 9000 CSE
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Discover the Timeless Passion of Ola Isungset, Norway’s Centenarian Saab Enthusiast

Discover the inspiring story of Ola Isungset, a remarkable centenarian from Norway who has dedicated his life to his beloved Saab cars. Learn about his unwavering passion for driving and his continued adventures on the road at the age of 100. Join us as we delve into his extraordinary journey and the timeless allure of Saab that has captivated his heart for over six decades.

My vehicle: Wenche Onsrud with Saab 900 Cabriolet
Saabs from around the World

It Must be Norway’s Finest Saab

It's always nice to hear a nice Saab story, no matter where it comes from. This Saab story takes place in Norway, and the story is reported by local media DN.no. Unfortunately, like most online content in Scandinavian media, this...

96&95-Posten, the new Special Edition of 9-Posten with articles only about Saab 95&96 (M60-M80), is soon available in the GSV.no webshop.
SAAB Clubs

Norwegian Old Saab Club Activities

Saabklubben Gammalsaabens Venner (GSV), or or translated from Norwegian, "the Club of Friends of Old Saab Cars", was founded in 1977, the focus was only on two-strokes, at that time. Gradually, the focus was expanded to all Saab cars, ie...

Tord and his Saab 96: The V-4 "ern from Ford that the SaabB 96 is equipped with runs smoothly and flawlessly after the owner changed the ignition system on the car.
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Tord Inge’s old Saab 96

As soon as you get a driver's license, the hunt for a car is usually underway. Few end up with a first-time car that the Tord Inge Hval acquired. Not all 19-year-olds have such a first-time car, but young Norwegian...

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