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Christmas Gifts for Saab Enthusiasts

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Gifts for Saab Enthusiasts

Discover the perfect Christmas gifts for Saab lovers in our comprehensive guide. From vintage model collectibles to a visit to the Saab Car Museum, find unique and thoughtful presents that celebrate the legacy of this iconic brand. Elevate your festive season with our top 10 gift ideas for Saab enthusiasts.

Saab 99 Limousine 1976 from King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden.
My Saab

Saab 99 HRH King Carl XVI Gustav Limousine Scale Model

This special "Long" or “king-size” Saab 99 has been extended a total of 30 inches in length, to be an almost full-sized limousine with jump seats and similar equipment. The limo was built for the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf...

Saab 92 Scale model
DIY - Saab Knowledge Base

Perfect Saab 92 Scale Model

The 1/18 scale model Saab 92 was done a couple of months ago by Magnus Sandlund. Magnus builds plastic scale models and modify diecast cars, and He is very successful in this passion hobby. His models are very detailed, with lots of original solutions. Just look at...

Saab 96 Scale model 1:18

Beautiful Saab 96 scale model

Known German company "Model Car Group" engaged in the production of scaled models of classic cars. Their model cars department is packed with thousands of collectable diecast model cars and model car kits including modern & classic road cars, modified cars,...

Saab 006

4 new body shells of Saab 006 for Sale

Chris Iliaens from Belgium saw our blog post about kids car Saab 006 and sent us interesting information about this model. He have still 4 new body shells (the last original stock) in the colors gold and silver. Also new seats, and grills and some bumpers and...