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1970 Saab rolls out 500,000th car

It was February 1970: Saab Built there 500,000 Car, it was a European Model Saab 99, which was also the first year the Automatic transmission was offer in Saab cars. Six years later the 1,000,000th would follow. Also, this year Saab introduces...

Moss Carlsson Pat - Nystrom Elisabeth at RAC Rally
SAAB Motorsport

Saab around Britain R.A.C. Rally (1965)

R.A.C.  stands for british Royal Automobile Club Rally. The inaugural event was the 1932 Royal Automobile Club Rally, which was the first major rally of the modern era in Great Britain. Of the 367 crews entered, 341 competitors in unmodified...


History of Swedish Automaker Saab documentary

Saab has been at the forefront of developments in the car industry since its earliest days, when 16 of its aircraft technicians were challenged to design an automobile to counteract the diminished aircraft demand in the years that followed the...


CLUB SAAB Uruguay Meeting

CLUB SAAB Uruguay was founded  9th of July 2008, And these days celebrated six years of existence. Saab is present in Uruguay since 1964. Very important Part of the Saab history of Uruguay is Jose Arijon, who was the Saab representative for Uruguay from 1964 and...

Svante Holm,Tryggve Holm, Gunnar Ljungstrom, Sixten Sason, Rolf Mellde, 1965

Saab and Quality

Pictured here is one of our early CEO's- Tryggve Holm, (1950–1967). Tryggve believed that 'quality' was Saab's major competitive advantage in the world and during his time pioneered the Saab Quality Inspection Program. His legacy still exists today with the...

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