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Saab History

Saab: A Versatile Legacy Beyond Automobiles

The remarkable journey of Saab, from its origins in aircraft manufacturing to its diversification into cars, computers, and defense systems. Explore the enduring passion of Saab enthusiasts and its evolution into a leading defense and aerospace company.

Saab Denim jeans

SAAB Jeans from Japan

Interesting, but you probably did not know - SAAB Group from Japan is a Sewing and Processing company that specializes in Jeans. This company was founded in 1987 from one of the fascinating beach town of Shonan in the prefecture...


SAAB build the Australian navy’s future submarine?

Swedish defence giant Saab Group has launched an audacious bid to build the Australian navy’s future submarine. In a move that could mean thousands of jobs for South Australia and other states, industry sources have told News Corp Australia that...