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Club Saab Romania
SAAB Clubs

Club SAAB Romania 2018 Meeting in Brasov

This is the video clip of meeting - Club SAAB Romania in Brasov, February 16-18, 2018 A little Different from ordinary shoot, organizers asked the cameramen and editors of this video to look for the SAAB brand's essence in the...

Saab Session Slovakia 2017
SAAB Clubs

Saab Session Slovakia 2017

Slovak team of Saab fans planned a new local gathering of the SAAB brand admirer - Saab Session Slovakia 2017 06. - 08. October 2017. As you can see, the event program is two-day, so in this program it will definitely...

Saab Mini Meet
SAAB Clubs

2017 Saab meet at Todd and Mary’s

In addition to the large public gatherings of Saab fans, some are also deciding to organize small private Saab gatherings. Just such a Saab gathering - Saab Mini Meet - was organized last week by Tony Lester and his wife,...

Saab Bulgaria
SAAB Clubs

Bulgaria Saab Spring Meeting 2017

Peter Boychev, moderator in the team of Saab Forum Bulgaria, sent us a report (photos and video) from the Saab meeting that was held in early May. It was held on 29-30.04 / 01.05.2017 in a very beautiful and historical place,...

Saab 9000 Squadron table calendar
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Saab 9000 SQUADRON 2017 Calendar

Well-known group of Saab fans from Taiwan, owners of Saab 9000 model - Saab 9000 SQUADRON - They have prepared a Special Saab table calendar for 2017. This limited 2017 SAAB 9000 SQUADRON table calendar has contains unique 9000 models pictures...

Saab CLub Taiwan Meeting 2016
SAAB Clubs

2016 Saab Club Meeting in Taiwan

Community of Saab fans in Taiwan is very strong. We wrote about them already here, they regularly organize meetings, exhibitions and a joint drive. So it was this time, the last gathering of Saab fans held last weekend. And thanks to...

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