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SAAB Concepts

Saab Mini Concept

This is unrealized Saab Mini model designed in 2014-15 b  enthusiasts from the design studio the Car Art. Their studio is located in Warsaw, Poland; nad they are providing teaching services - Professional classes in drawing and car design. Saab Mini...

SAAB Concepts

Arvid’s Saab concepts

Arvid Schwartz is a 19-year-old student from from the Swedish city Vagesbon. Arvid studied Industrial Design and according to his works, which he uploads to the Instagram We can see that he has talent. Among many of the Car concepts that he...

Saab Concept

Saab Coupe Concept by Sverre Ytterdal

We Found a great sketch by designer Sverre Ytterdal on Facebook of an Saab Coupe Concept. According to some fans of Saab, this is not true Saab, but we certainly see in this concept a Saab lines. Saab 9-x Air with a facelift   And...