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SAAB TakeOver Convoy to SAABs@Carlisle 2021

Allan Holmes, a member of the board of directors of The SAAB Club of North America (SCNA), sends us information that we want to share with the entire Saab community, and especially with Saab car fans in North America. It...

Saab Support Convoy 11th Anniversary Brno
SAAB Clubs

SAAB Support Convoy 11th Anniversary

Exactly eleven years ago, sometime in mid-January of that year, Saab enthusiast clubs around the world organized the so-called the International Saab Support Convoys. On that occasion, a large number of Saab car owners gathered at gatherings around the world...


Saab Convoy 2015 Warsaw

Once again, Saab Convoy - 5th Anniversary - 2015 Warsaw - this time we have for you video coverage. Saab Club Polska  (Poland) organized 5th Anniversary Saab Convoy ( 50 SAAB-s and their fans), and full image gallery you can see here, here is video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Yoi750vHZI Thanks...