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SAAB Advertising

Saab Named Desire

Stuff you do when your parents are not home... ... and the keys of the Saab at your fingertips. The owner's son takes his chance. But then ... Cute Saab Convertible commercials "Joyriding" from 1999 for Dutch car insurance company Apeldoorn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gveH54Mj9oA...

SAAB Galleries

SAAB 60’s Advertising

Take a look at this lovely commercial made in 1960 of the Saab 96! This Saab 96 is loaded with new features as front wheel drive, 23% bigger booth, wrap around rear window and a genius ventilation system. On top...


1987 Saab Brand Commercial

This is a commercial from October 1987. I am not certain if these autos are 87's or 88's? They include the SAAB 900, 900s, 900 Turbo, 9000, 9000S and 9000 Turbo. Awesome commercial very difficult to film due to  good synchronization and special...

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