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This year’s edition of Saab & Wine will take place among the beautiful vineyards of the Świętokrzyskie region.
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Saab & Wine 2022 – Saab Event in Poland!

Our Saab friend and great car enthusiast from Poland Waldemar Więckowski, who successfully organized a very interesting gathering last year that brought together Saab car lovers and wine lovers "Saab & Wine 2021", is again organizing a similar event with...

Saab Club Meeting (photo by peterolthof)
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The Saab Autumn Meetings 2021

Saab owners club: Saabs are no longer made, but there are plenty of people who cherish their beloved Swedish cars. There are a number of SOC and Saab events planned for 2021. So far all are still going ahead. The...

96&95-Posten, the new Special Edition of 9-Posten with articles only about Saab 95&96 (M60-M80), is soon available in the GSV.no webshop.
SAAB Clubs

Norwegian Old Saab Club Activities

Saabklubben Gammalsaabens Venner (GSV), or or translated from Norwegian, "the Club of Friends of Old Saab Cars", was founded in 1977, the focus was only on two-strokes, at that time. Gradually, the focus was expanded to all Saab cars, ie...

2021 Saab 900 Meeting Hungary
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Saab 900 Club Meeting in Black Valley

There are several large Saab clubs in Hungary, but also several specialized ones such as the Saab 900 Club Hungary (Saab 900 Klub Magyarország), which brings together only fans of the legendary 900 model. This is globally one of the...

Saab Support Convoy 11th Anniversary Brno
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SAAB Support Convoy 11th Anniversary

Exactly eleven years ago, sometime in mid-January of that year, Saab enthusiast clubs around the world organized the so-called the International Saab Support Convoys. On that occasion, a large number of Saab car owners gathered at gatherings around the world...

SAAB Clubs

Saab Meeting in China

Our Saab friend from China, Kay Chen, who is the creator of great alloy wheels for Saab cars but also for other car brands in his studio STR Forged Wheels, sent us a report from a gathering of Chinese Saab...

Saab Spy Event
SAAB Clubs

SAAB Spy Rally 2020

Two weekends ago, a very interesting gathering of Saab fans was held in the Czech Republic. The first SAAB SPY RALLY took place on the last weekend in September. The event was situated in the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech...

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