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Vibrant gathering of Saab enthusiasts at the HLUT exhibition in Seoul, showcasing a rich tapestry of vintage Saabs and memorabilia.

Unveiling South Korea’s Saab Enthusiasts – “From Extinction to Immortality…”

Explore the hidden world of Saab enthusiasts in South Korea in our latest article. Discover the unique Saab exhibition in Seoul's HLUT showroom, where the legacy of the Swedish brand is celebrated through a blend of vintage aesthetics, rare memorabilia, and a vibrant community. Uncover how Saab's spirit thrives beyond its production, symbolizing immortality in the automotive world

The Ultimate Guide to the International Saab Clubs Meeting 2023: Celebrating the Legacy of the Iconic Automotive Brand
SAAB Clubs

International SAAB Clubs Meeting 2023 (UK)

Saab, the Swedish automotive brand, has a long and rich history that dates back to the 1940s. Over the years, the brand has earned a reputation for producing stylish, high-performance, and innovative vehicles that are loved by car enthusiasts all...

Ward Schoonbrood - founder of the new Saab 900 club next to his favorite car

Join the New Saab 900 Club

Here is a nice news that will please the owners and admirers of the iconic Saab model Saab 900. As long as there are enthusiasts everywhere in the world who support this breed, until then Saab cars will also be...

SAAB Clubs

Intsaab Meeting 2022

As was customary in previous years, this year's gathering of European Saab enthusiasts called "Intsaab Meeting 2022" was held last weekend in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg. In addition to the largest June gathering of European lovers of our favorite Swedish car brand...

SAAB & Chateau 2022
SAAB Clubs


After the Corona virus pandemic, Eastern European Saab car fan clubs are increasingly active and organize mбore and more interesting events and gatherings. Let's just remember last year's great gathering of Saa car enthusiasts from Poland "Saab & Wine 2021",...

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