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Saabtoberfest 2018 California
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Great Saabtoberfest 2018 Event!

As we announced, the Saabtoberfest 2018 was held last weekend at SAAB Replay (Saab Replay is the East Bay's independent Saab & Mini Cooper workshop) in Berkeley, California. Randy from SAAB Replay  provided the opportunity for the whole street to be closed for traffic and reserved...


Saabtoberfest 2018 by SAAB Club of California

A Call for all Saab's admirers and West Coast SAABers! SAAB Club of California headed by Bryce Johnson is hosting Saabtoberfest 2018 on October 20th in Berkeley, CA. Saab Replay, the most popular SAAB shop in NorCal, was able to obtain a...