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Saab Club of Western Canada c
SAAB Clubs

The Saab Club of Western Canada

Even today, there are a huge number of clubs around the world that bring together Saab enthusiasts, owners of these cars and brand fans. Just one such is a well organized Canadian club - The Saab Club of Western Canada...

Matt's Saab 96
My Saab

Shiny Saab 96 “Green Cucumber”

Here's another interesting, warm and at the same time incredible Saab story from cold Canada. Matt Stimpson loved his first car, a 1971 Saab 96, so much that he had to bring the "Green Cucumber", as his friends nicknamed it, with him...

Saab 96 deluxe

Saab 96 Deluxe in Rally Action

Shot of the weekend from Oregon Trail Rally, filmed with DJI Inspire 1 dron with a tailwind. The third race on the Rally America National Championship schedule, Oregon Trail is the only 3 day rally event in the Championship that takes place...

Victor Muller's Saab 9-5 for Sale

Victor Muller’s SAAB 9-5 NG on Sale

This is Saab 9-5 Aero XWD 2.8 T with 299 HP in Granite Grey Metallic color owned by Victor Muller's company, now being on sale (blocket.se). Outlined price is about 38,000 US Dollars. Muller´s car, powered by a 300 hp 2.8L V6, with all-wheel-drive, adaptive chassis...


Muscle Saab 92 B De Luxe (1956) on Sale

Saab 92 B de luxe from 1956, fully restored and in top condition! In total, only 20,128 units were built, the Saab 92 B was produced from 1952 to 1956, then came out the Dreizylin - the Saab 93 A, which...


Saab 9-3 TXR (1000+bhp) on Sale!

Turns out 'modified' isn't a strong enough term for Per-Anders Johansson's Saab 9-3 TXR (2006). "The idea was to build the world's most extreme street Saab," the Saab worker explains. "With 802 bhp, it is the most powerful four-cylinder Saab...

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