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Saab Cars Calendar 2020
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Saab Desktop Calendar 2020 by Alexei

The great Saab enthusiast Alexei Korobov from Ukraine really did his best to cheer Saab fans around the world. He selected some Saab photos and produced his own Saab calendar for 2020. You can download photos for each month and...

Maptun Saab 2019 Wall Calendar

2019 Saab Calendar Competition by MapTun

It's that time of year when many of us again begin thinking about next year, and the Saab  Calendar 2019. As every year, MapTun Performance AB  is preparing a thematic Saab calendar for 2019.  As in recent years they are preparing...

Saab 9000 Squadron table calendar
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Saab 9000 SQUADRON 2017 Calendar

Well-known group of Saab fans from Taiwan, owners of Saab 9000 model - Saab 9000 SQUADRON - They have prepared a Special Saab table calendar for 2017. This limited 2017 SAAB 9000 SQUADRON table calendar has contains unique 9000 models pictures...

1981 Saab Safari
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Saab Calendar 2017 by Saab Car Museum

Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan (Sweden) owns Instagram account in which each day gives us the daily life in and around the museum. On the occasion of the Christmas holidays and the arrival of the New Year, the Saab Car Museum organizes special...

Saab Calendar 2017 by Heuschmid
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Saab Calendar 2017 by Heuschmid

You've probably already heard of the German tuning and service house Heuschmid for Saab cars. For years, the company issued specialized Saab calendars in paper form. Thus, this year, and they are already prepared Saab calendar for 2017. This is an ideal...

2016 Saab Calendar Wallpaper

Download 2016 Saab Calendar Wallpapers

Happy New Year to all Saabers! For the beginning of the New Year, Saab Art prepared for Saabers "SAAB 9-3 Sport Sedan Vector" and "SAAB 2016" Saab wallpapers. Many thanks to Nikolay Kachev for providing his awesome photo and Roy Chui, Artist...

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