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The Saab logo in the automotive world remains the property of the SAAB AB conglomerate

Saab AB: “No Entity Allowed To Use the Brand for Cars”

Saab AB remains adamant in its decision to protect its brand, disallowing any other entity from using the Saab name for cars. The potential electric vehicle (EV) production in Trollhättan with the Nevs Emily GT project has generated hopes for a Saab comeback, but Saab's press manager, Mattias Rådström, has refuted these speculations. However, the project could still bring positive outcomes, creating approximately 2,000 new jobs in the local community.

NEVS 93 front fascia

Will NEVS Get a New Owner This Spring?

Two or three months after the latest news from Trollhattan related to the events in the company NEVS, new news is coming to us from the headquarters of the former Saab. As a reminder, the company NEVS had to lay...