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The Saab logo in the automotive world remains the property of the SAAB AB conglomerate

Saab AB: “No Entity Allowed To Use the Brand for Cars”

Saab AB remains adamant in its decision to protect its brand, disallowing any other entity from using the Saab name for cars. The potential electric vehicle (EV) production in Trollhättan with the Nevs Emily GT project has generated hopes for a Saab comeback, but Saab's press manager, Mattias Rådström, has refuted these speculations. However, the project could still bring positive outcomes, creating approximately 2,000 new jobs in the local community.

Saab AB Supercar

Saab AB Builds a Supercar

Saab AB reaffirmed that NEVS will not be allowed to use the Saab name, and now we know why - Saab has own car plans... Just like starting a great April Fool published today by the Swedish magazine "Bytbil"

3D print Saab emblem logo

Saab AB returns to the Automotive industry!

There's a big turnaround happening at Saab AB. After the company Saab AB took the right to use the brand name from NEVS, this is great news. The last statement of the President and CEO of Saab AB indicate that the company will...

Nevs 9-3 EV Sedan

NEVS 9-3 EV Sedan without a SAAB Badge!

Earlier, the NEVS company announced that "negotiations about the use of SAAB brand are ongoing". However, according to the latest news, the negotiations were not successful. The electric 9-3 sedans circulating in the news recently will not be Saabs. They'll look like...

Nevs Saab 9-3

Nevs-Saab Offers Deal to Creditors

National Electric Vehicle Sweden's (NEVS) new potential owner is embroiled in intense talks with Saab AB surrounding any use of the totemic brand name for future vehicles. The owners of struggling carmaker Saab on Thursday presented a proposal to pay...


She is the Designer of Fighter Jets!

Charlie Westrin's day starts by sitting down at her computer and starting up the programmes she needs for the day's work. But it's not enough to sit on her own and work. Charlie talks a great deal with other departments...

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