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Saab 99 GL
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Saab 99 GL in Music Video

Rock band MOONROSE from the Polish city of Poznan, presented the new video for their song "Skychaser". Directed by Zofia Strzelecka, Motion designer & photographer, and in her music video appears one beautiful Saab 99 GL. Zofia Strzelecka built her first photo darkroom at age 14,...

Saab 99 T16
SAAB Tuning

Saab 99 GL T16 “Trionic5 E85” Race Car

A Swedish Saab fan rebuilded B202 engine and swap from LH2.2 to Trionic 5.5 in  his Saab 99 GL T16 "Trionic5 E85" Race Car. The car started life as an early-build Saab 99, which had around 85 horsepower. It's still got a Saab engine B202 but a little trim and...

Saab Rider Movie

Saab Rider

A man and his car on the quest for the Saab spirit, "Saab Rider" - a tribute to the late Mitja Jakša - great Slovenian motorist and Saab fan (Saab 99 GL). Trailer for documentary about the 60th anniversary of Saab...