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SAABKYLE04 and his Saab 900 SE

Bringing The SAAB Back In SAABKYLE04

SAABKYLE04 originally started as a hobby back when Kyle was finishing pharmacy school at Wingate University. He has always grown up around cars and has a deep appreciation for the little things that make each and every vehicle special. His...

Saab 900 SE from Thailand

SAAB 900SE (Thailand) vs BMW 320d

Actually, it's not the street race, but is much more interesting that footage recorded on a highway in Thailand (Chonburi Province)! If you did not know, in Thailand there is a large group of Saab fans, gathered in the club - SAAB Club Of Thailand. Below,...


Saab 900 Convertible Confirmed Safety

1996 Saab 900SE Turbo Convertible flipped over in "hit and run" crash with Honda S2000. This video was made immediately after the collision.  A yellow Honda S2000 was trying to pass driver of Saab out on the right in wet conditions but he spun his...