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Saab 900 GLS - Saab Wallpaper february 2016
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Saab Monthly Wallpapers (FEBRUARY 2016)

For the SAAB calendars of this month, we have "SAAB 900 GLS" and "SAAB Tealight Lanterns". Many thanks to Reier Numans, Martin Philippo and Elin Nyberg of for providing their awesome photos, and of course to Roy Chui, Artist from Saab...

Saab 906 Turbo
SAAB Concepts

Saab 906 Turbo – Biggest Saab Ever Built

Here's another interesting Saab concept that is conceived and created by designer Leif Mellberg (who was also the designer of Saab EV1 prototype, Saab 900 Speedster, Saab Mayo, and Saab Gullwing) - six wheeler Saab 906 Turbo - Biggest Saab Ever Built. We’ve...