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The ASC "flat nose" prototype of Saab 900 convertible
Saab History

How The Cult Convertible 900 Was Born

At first glance, a Swedish-made convertible sounds like a bad joke to many car connoisseurs. Drop-top cars are made for countries that have a lot of sunny days during the year, and not for a country that stretches into the...

Classic Saab 900 Turbo Convertible
My Saab

The Red Beauty: Saab 900 Classic Turbo 1989

Pascal Vastré is a very good photographer and videographer living in the Netherlands. In addition to photography, he likes classic cars as well, which can be seen in several of his videos and a lot of photos. The Saab 900 Convertible is a...

Saab History

SAAB in Basketball

Saab has long used sponsorship to promote the Saab brand experience. Of course, Saab is the most sponsored motorsport, but local importers of Saab cars are sponsored other sports too. In football, Swedish car manufacturers Saab became FC Manchester City’s first shirt sponsor in...

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