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Protest: Saab BBQ and planter in front garden
SAAB Funny

Saab Enthusiast Turns Car into Flower Bed and Barbecue in Front Yard?!

Step into the whimsical world of a Saab lover who defies norms and turns his car into a stunning flower bed and hidden barbecue. Discover the fusion of automotive passion, botanical beauty, and culinary delights in his unconventional front yard masterpiece. Get ready to be charmed and inspired by this unique and playful creation.

The resilient Saab 900 Cabriolet, having clocked over 300,000 kilometers, stands as a testament to its enduring quality and remarkable journey.
Saabs from around the World

From Bargain Buy to Summer Joy: Martijn’s Saab 900 Convertible Restoration Story

In the realm of automotive enthusiasts, there's a particular joy in resurrecting an old, neglected car. Martijn Stadman, a passionate car lover from Ruinen, embarked on an extraordinary adventure when he acquired a Saab 900 Cabriolet for a mere 580 euros. Despite its challenging condition and a history of multiple owners, Martijn saw immense potential in the vehicle and set out to transform it into a pristine youngtimer. This is the story of Martijn's inspiring restoration project, where he faced daunting challenges, celebrated triumphs, and experienced the pure delight of breathing new life into a classic automobile.

The ASC "flat nose" prototype of Saab 900 convertible
Saab History

How The Cult Convertible 900 Was Born

At first glance, a Swedish-made convertible sounds like a bad joke to many car connoisseurs. Drop-top cars are made for countries that have a lot of sunny days during the year, and not for a country that stretches into the...

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