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Saab 90 RWD
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The Story of Kalle’s Saab 90 RWD

It all started with my childhood belief that the old Saabs where rear wheel driven. Something about their aggressive lines and look just said sportcar and sportcars where rwd, in my mind. Obviously I learned that they all where fwd...

Saab 90
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Saab 90 Review by Finnish Car Guys

The Finns never had their own big car brand, but this fine example of automotive history was the closest we got to having their own car. The Saab Club of Finland tells quite a story about the relationship of us...

Saab headlamp wipers
SAAB Safety

How it works: Saab 99 Headlamp Wipers

This is another pioneering innovations of Saab in its long history. Yes, It is the SAAB 99 model that saw the introduction of headlight wipers in 1970. These wipers are extremely rare, having only ever been fitted to the SAAB 99...


5,595 registered SAABs in Hungary

This is the official data table for the Hungarian, registered SAAB car park. Previously know that 450,000 Saabs on USA roads, and Orio counted 180,000 Saabs on the UK roads. Comparing to the last year (31.12.2013 to 31.12.2014) the park is increased with 9 cars,...