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Saab enthusiasts in Novi Sad gather to celebrate their shared love for these iconic cars, showcasing a diverse lineup of classic and modified models at the meet-up.
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Saab Enthusiasts Gather in Novi Sad for Unforgettable Automotive Meet-Up

Experience the fervor of Saab automotive enthusiasts as they gather in Novi Sad for an unforgettable meet-up! With over 10 Saab vehicles and 20 devoted owners in attendance, this event was a treasure trove of personal experiences, spare parts insights, and upgrade discussions. Despite the absence of official Saab service centers, the community thrives on resourcefulness, finding spare parts from local scrapyards and connections with Saab owners in Sweden. Dive into the captivating stories and camaraderie shared among Saab enthusiasts, fostering an informal but strong automotive community. See the stunning images of exotic Saab models, including the upgraded Saab 9-5ng Aero and the powerful Saab 9-3 Aero TTiD. Discover how this passionate community keeps the Saab legacy alive and continues to celebrate these timeless cars with unwavering pride.


Beautiful Saab 9-3 Aero Griffin short video

Saab fan Mikael "Mioh" Öhrman Had a photo session some month ago with this beautiful Saab 9-3 Aero Griffin. After it was done he unpacked his tricopter and took a short flight just to get some aerial video he could...