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Unearth the Hidden Gem: The Only Saab 9-2X in Europe - A Collector's Dream!
Saabs from around the World

A Unique Opportunity for European Car Enthusiasts: The One and Only Saab 9-2X for Sale in Europe!

Uncover the rare and exclusive Saab 9-2X, a rebadged Subaru Impreza originally sold only in the US. Now, a lone Saabaru emerges in Europe, presenting a unique chance for automotive enthusiasts to own this remarkable piece of history. Explore its unconventional origins, General Motors and Subaru connections, and discover why this one-of-a-kind find is a must-have for collectors and Saab enthusiasts alike. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to own the sole Saab 9-2X in Europe.

Saab 9-2x
Saab History

Saab 9-2X – Saab’s First Four-Wheel Drive Car

The Saab 9-2X, according to many connoisseurs of the auto industry, is an almost perfect example of General Motors' "indifference". Turbo technology, a strong focus on safety and thoughtful solutions that deviate from the mainstream are the themes that unite...

Saab 9-2x
SAAB Safety

Sometimes an car-deer collision is inevitable

This even happens to the best of drivers. Not much you can do. During October and November every year,, motorists in many states of USA are more likely to encounter deer on streets and highways. It’s deer season, when nearly...

SAAB Tuning

So fresh & so clean: Stanced Saab 9-2x

David from Southern California is automotive enthusiast and Saab lover - owner of one Awesome Stanced Saab 9-2x Aero (so-called Saabaru). As you can see, This car has a beautiful color  -  but yeah, this is Vinyl wrap - it's a...

Saab 99 lego
SAAB Funny

Saab 99 “Saabaru” LEGO Car

Big fan of Lego - Senator Chinchilla has built what appears to be an good old Saab 99, but  this is not an "ordinary" Saab 99 Lego model. This Saab has a few surprises, for underneath there sits the boxer engine and running...

Saab 9-2x Airbag Takata

New Takata airbag recall affects Saab 9-2x

Another recall concerning faulty Takata airbags will take place in the United States, it has been announced, with this recall tacking another 5 million cars onto the list of potentially affected vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced the...

Saab 9-4x saabaplow
SAAB Funny

Saab 9-4x Aero Plow

As you probably already heard, A huge blizzard has blanketed the US eastern seaboard in snow, bringing New York and Washington DC to a standstill and affecting some 85 million people. Up to 40in (102cm) of snow settled in parts, paralysing rail, air...

Saab 9-2x Airbag Takata

Saab 9-2x Recall: Passenger side frontal airbag

Takata’s expansion of their previous recalls has increased the number of vehicles affected, and currently include approximately 19 million vehicles in the United States. On June 17, 2015, NHTSA verified that Vehicle Identification Numbers for vehicles made by the 12...

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