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Crafting Creative Wonders: Auburn Hodgson brings imagination to life using Autodesk Maya.
SAAB AdvertisingSaab Video

SAAB’s Cinematic Influence: Auburn Hodgson’s Artistic Homage to Tony Scott

Discover the captivating journey of visual artist Auburn Hodgson, renowned for his unique low-poly 3D video creations. From his beginnings at Bournemouth University's Computer Visualization & Animation course to his thriving career in the video game industry, Hodgson's innovative work is showcased on his '16Bit Movies' YouTube channel. Explore his remarkable homage to Tony Scott's SAAB advertisement, reimagined through the lens of modern 3D technology and the iconic SAAB 900. Delve into Hodgson's creative process, his use of Autodesk Maya, and his passion for bridging art, nostalgia, and cinematic inspiration

Saab 900 3D model

Saabs in 3D Warehouse

3D Warehouse contains millions of models created in Google SketchUp, the world's most popular 3D modeling and design application. Also, 3D Warehouse is the ultimate distribution platform to promote your SketchUp Models. As expected, 3D Warehousea is full od 3D models of...

Saab 9-5 Aero 3D model

3D Model Saab 95 Aero wagon 2005

Saab 9-5 Aero wagon 2005 3D model by Humster3D, You Can Use This Item In rendered still or animated use in client or personal projects such as mockups, commercials, free games, fliers, artwork etc. for 99$ (With Extenden licence you can use...