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The Classic Saab Sonett Meets the Future with Hirash Razaghi's Electrifying Sonett IV EV Design Proposal

The Evolution of Automotive Excellence: Hirash Razaghi and the Sonett IV EV Concept

Find out the intersection of legacy and innovation in our detailed article on Hirash Razaghi's Sonett IV EV concept. Discover how this visionary designer is redefining the electric vehicle landscape by blending the classic charm of Saab's Sonett with futuristic design. Dive into Razaghi's illustrious career, his pivotal role in the Emily GT project, and how the Sonett IV EV symbolizes a new era in automotive excellence.

Sneak Peek into the Future: NEVS Emily GT Prototype Making Waves on the Test Track

Secret Investors to Meet with NEVS for Emily GT Project: Exciting Prospects for Trollhättan’s Automotive Industry

In the heart of Trollhättan, a clandestine gathering of undisclosed investors, visionary leaders, and a historic factory is poised to reshape the electric vehicle landscape. NEVS' Emily GT and PONS projects, shrouded in secrecy until now, take center stage. With the enigmatic allure of hidden potential, this convergence signals a pivotal juncture for both NEVS and Trollhättan's automotive heritage. As anticipation builds, the future of electric mobility unfolds, promising innovation, growth, and a revival of Saab's legacy. Join us as we navigate the intriguing blend of secrecy, innovation, and electrifying possibilities in this remarkable automotive saga.

the Electric Saab 9-3: A Fusion of Classic Elegance and Sustainable Power

The Unveiling of NEVS: A Journey through SAAB’s Successor and the Electric 9-3 Project

Discover the untold story behind the downfall of NEVS' ambitious electric Saab 9-3 project. From the initial plans to revive the iconic sedan to the struggles with suppliers and administrative hurdles, delve into the challenges faced by NEVS. Uncover the involvement of new investors, the project's transformation, and its eventual halt. Gain insights from former NEVS employees as they share their experiences and aspirations for the completed projects. Join us on a journey through NEVS' turbulent history and the lessons learned in the pursuit of electric mobility.

Sango PONS cars by NEVS in Trollhattan

Study Visit to NEVS Cars in Trollhättan

In the last couple of years, there has been almost no news from the company NEVS, which was originally supposed to design and produce electric Saab cars, i.e. NEVS electric cars based on part of the Saab technology and know-how...